Thursday, November 5, 2009

May You Rest In Peace

My uncle died, why? He has a six year old daughter that will never get to share those father-daughter moments that were soo special in my life. Why does she have to grow up never truly knowing her father? Why?

And why do I feel like I have nothing to say to people in these moments? There's the "My thoughts and prayers are with you," but I feel more than that. "My heart breaks at the sadness of the situation you and your daughter are in. He was a great man, one the world will miss, a man that I will miss." This is closer, but still not all that I want to say.

I feel that I will never know what to say in these situations, I feel no one really does.

I am thankful that I saw him Thanksgiving and hugged him for one last time. I realize now that saying "Good-bye, see you Christmas," is really now, "Good-bye, see you one day in the skies above."

May you rest in peace Uncle Tony. May you rest in peace.

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