Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I just had one of the most amazing moments of my life.

-I woke up at 11:28 to my dads phone call asking what time commencement started (7) then we had a lovely conversation about my phobia of spiders and how i should go see him since the last time I saw him was CHRISTMAS...... he probably looks like an old man now

-I took my camera downstairs and looked at all my AMAZING pictures from The Fray concert i attended last night (a la monica brittany shannon). I viewed the videos i took and realized that i should have took more because i can actually hear them sing.

-My memories of last night came rushing back and it was incredible. One of the most amazing, loudest, and memorable concerts.

I think the end is the most incredible at concerts. The closing song, when the crowd is quiet, is usually a powerful one, full of emotion. I actually started crying when they sang 'Happiness' for reasons even i dont think i understand. When the song ended and they said their good-byes and the stage lights went off and the venue lights went on and the thousands of people pushed through the exits, i turned to brittany and said "just think, we all just experienced the SAME thing, all 2 thousand + of us". It sounds lame just writing it but when you are actually there in that moment, its awesome. (apparently i like the word awesome...i need to expand my vocabulary)

-Then to make my morning(actual afternoon) better i call my mom and she tells me that my frosh kit consists of an ALEXISONFIRE AND CITY AND COLOUR concert.....i began to cry...weird....yes i know. Probably because i was just too happy for my own good. And then i told my mom i HAD to hang up and "let the world know my joy" (she had a nice chuckle from the use of my words)

-So i called the sister, informed her, made her REALLY jealous and told her i will see her tomorrow (again commencement) and i will also be coming on saturday to see the most beatiful boy in the world, Julian

Can my day get any better.....the answer is yes...when i win the lottery tonight :D

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