Friday, June 26, 2009

It vas so eeeasy....

Woke up to drive my mother to work while listening to Jason Mraz :) there and back
Picked up Andrew and went to the my old school, our exam marks. WARNEKE. goodbye wood and bright. Added one to the group...Ms. Meagan....and travelled to Bukamaranga. I really hate that old hag who works there.

We conquered Chapters...Meagan i will hunt you down for the $$

Then as we stepped outside we discovered it was pouring. POURING DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE.

Thank you God for creating windshield wipers. Q: What would the world do without them.
A: Get into a hell of a lot of car accidents

Dropped the crew off at andrews, then i went home to clean. My Fav.
I attempted to call my dad about my commencement and got my stepmom instead where she, like always, preceeded to be rude to me. Why the hell is she even coming (to my graduation) if she's going to be like that.

Call my sister. Call my mom. Paint my toes, and ONE (1) hand. Place a pouff on my head. Head back out to get my mom, where this time i listened to Hey Rosetta!

Back home: Shave my legs and GO!

Get to school where there was a sea of ugly black gowns.
Jazzy: "Come to the bathroom with me.:
Me: "Ok"
(preceed to the bathroom. Woman walks into the bathroom and looks at me and says)
random woman: "Did you guys hear Michael Jackson died."
Me: "WHAT...NO WAY...NO:
random woman: "Yeah, today, cardiac arrest"
Me: "I thought Farrah Faucet died?"
Random woman: "Yeah she died too."
Me: "OMG...I CAN NOT BELIEVE MICHAEL JACKSON DIED. (I start crying) I can't believe I'm crying...well yes i can."
random woman: "Awhh honey"
Me: "He is seriously my idol. He IS my childhood. I HAVE to call my mom."

No one believed it was true. But life carried on, as it always does and we (grads) lined up 1 to 297 (or more).

Long, sweaty story short: It was long and sweaty.

Travel back to andrews....most DELICIOUS nacho dip possiby EVER!
Went swimming for the first time in 2 years, played the classic games (colours, animals, handstand competition, and apparently dunk an unsuspecting persons head and attempt to drown them)

"I haven't dive this whole night" :s

swimming wears you out.
It vas soo eeeasy....Now I can go shopping

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